How it Works

How it Works

The Tornado Tee is designed to eliminate the friction and drag effect of the golf tee on the golf ball flight, specifically spin rate and ball speed.
We accomplished this by greatly reducing the mass and the resistance of the Tornado Tee in the impact zone. We have replaced the rigid to semi-rigid crown of our competitor’s tee with a woven, flexible, light, mono-filament structure.


Our crown creates less spin, and a more consistent spin rate. When a ball is struck with the driver, the ball is compressed and ‘pancakes’ 90 degrees to the strike. Deformation forces push down into the crown creating static friction that turns into dynamic friction, adding to spin rate. Our crown acts as a shock absorber, moving down and away from those deformation forces and creating less friction and less spin.

Tee box to tee box spin rates can drastically change. We have all hit tee shots early in the morning in a fresh watered tee box, and just purred it. We hit the same tee shot late in the day, when the tee box has dried out, and it seems to balloon and not get the same distance.
A more consistent spin rate, tee box to tee box, is seen with the use of our Tornado Tee. This is because our woven crown acts as a shock absorber, eliminating the tee box soil conditions as a factor.

  Ball Speed

The Tornado Tee users see an increase in ball speed anywhere form 1-3 miles per hour. Increased ball speed equals increased yards, an average of 9.5 yards added to your drive! Buy your tees now and wave bye to your competitors as you fly buy them on the fairway.

John HartlineHow it Works